Making class registration FUN!


I recently attended an NQT CPD session laid on by Hays Education at their Leeds office. The hosts were Gary Toward and Chris Henley, authors of ‘The Art of being a Brilliant Teacher’.

One the areas that was discussed during the session is the topic of classroom registration, and more importantly, making registration fun and integrated as part of the lesson.

Over the last few weeks I have been implementing the techniques discussed in the session into my classroom.

Classroom Registration Techniques

The techniques discussed are as follows:

Taking the register in reverse alphabetical order. This will inject a bit of drama in the class as students are used to being called in alphabetical order, and will ensure they are all paying attention. ¬†Especially useful because as a supply teacher it can be difficult as you don’t know who the students are.

The one I have been using most lately is to get the students to think of an answer to a question related to the learning objective. The students will then give their answer when their name is called. For example in a product analysis lesson you could ask the students to think of their favourite gadget and ask them why when their name is called. To foster confidence, you could even get the student to stand up to give their answer.

As you can see from the above techniques, this will make classroom registrations more interesting for the students and more importantly it allows you to cleverly integrate the learning objective into it.