Teaching and Learning Tools: Microsoft One Drive


A few years ago I discovered cloud storage and its benefits. Back in those days of early 2009, I was using Google Drive and its online suite of office apps. From those early days of using Google Drive, I quickly realised the advantages of using online storage and how it allowed me to have seamless workflow from one device to another.

I could start an essay using Google Docs and saving it on Google Drive on one device then continue my work on move on my mobile device.

About two years or so ago when Microsoft released Windows 8, it came with One Drive embedded into the operating system itself. Having seen the benefits of Google Drive, I began using a free plan of One Drive.


Microsoft One Drive was awesome as it connects with Microsoft Office suite that I already use and it allowed me to save my work from any device I was working on directly onto One Drive.

Benefits of using online storage (One Drive)

  1. Files and documents are available on all devices with an internet connection
  2. Work can be started on one device and completed on another device
  3. No need for USB sticks or other forms of removable storage.
  4. Your device doesn’t need a large storage as all your files and documents are kept online and retrieved when needed.
  5. Several people can collaborate and work on one file at the same time.

Disadvantages of online storage (One Drive)

  1. You need an internet access to retrieve files from online storage
  2. To get more storage you have to pay a monthly fee.

OneDrive vs. Google Drive