Demonstrating 3rd Angle Projection Drawing to my Years 10 & 11 students #orthgraphicdrawings #technicaldrawingskills


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Working drawings contain the information needed to make an object, including:

  • dimensions
  • components
  • materials
  • assembly instructions

Working drawings normally use orthographic projection.

Some products may need a section drawing to give extra structural information, or an assembly drawing to show how parts fit together.

Orthographic projection

Shows a 3D L shape

An orthographic projection of this shape is shown below

Orthographic projection uses a 2D drawing of each side of an object. Orthographic drawings usually consist of a front view, a side view and a plan view. A drawing board and parallel motionor T-square is used to project one view from another.

Orthographic drawing may be done using first angle projection or third angle projection.

Orthographic drawing showing a three-dimensional L-shape's sides in two dimensions. Both first andgle projection and third angle projection versions are shown