DT & Engineering Blog: Research visit to the Yorkshire Air Museum


The Museum is a living memorial to all allied air forces personnel particularly those during the Second World War, and especially the tens of thousands of young people who gave their lives in that conflict. We aim to be relevant to present day generations by explaining, in a realistic way, what life was like on a typical wartime bomber station, as well as displaying the history of aviation.

Yorkshire has a particular place in aviation, both historically and present day. From Sir George Cayley, the world renowned Father of Aeronautics, to present day aircraft manufacturers. We are justly proud of the region’s heritage, and throughout the site you can explore aspects of design and technology dating from the 1850s right up to the present day.

I visited the Yorkshire Air Museum in order to research lesson ideas in which I can incorporate into design technology and engineering for the final school term of 2015/2016. I gained a wonderful insight into aeronautical design technology and engineering and how it has developed from the days of the First World War, then Second World War and the modern day high speed military jet aircraft protecting our country today.