DT & Engineering Blog: The DNA of a Champion – Sir Clive Woodward


The DNA of a Champion – Talent Alone is not enough. Sir Clive Woodward, Former England Rugby Coach interviewed by Piers Morgan.
As the architect of Britain’s greatest rugby achievement, Sir Clive Woodward is a national hero. Clive draws on his experiences as Director of Sport for Team GB at the British Olympic Association for the London 2012 Olympics and more recently as founding partner & chairman of an online coaching software app company, and a member of the IOC’s Entourage Committee; Clive’s approach to winning has captured the imagination of both the sporting and corporate worlds.

Clive’s principles have resonance not only in sport but they relate to business in practical and theoretical terms. High performance teams work in a similar way to companies and are built on structures resembling sports teams. Clive’s experience of business and sport endow him with the knowledge and experience to relate and explain the common…