Teaching & Learning Tools: Integrating ‘Google Drive & Classroom’ into your teaching and learning



After using One Drive and SharePoint for a couple years during my teacher training and my previous school, I am now faced with a new tool that I haven’t used extensively on a day to day basis before – Google Drive and Google Classroom.


I discovered how super awesome it is because it contained several different online tools and apps which are linked together and all content are saved in the cloud (Google Drive). Everything is linked to your school’s email address and password which is used to access everything. The good thing about it is that your email can be accessed anywhere in the world on a computer with an internet browser connected to the internet on the Gmail website.

Google Classroom ties Google’s many products together to help educational institutions go to a paperless system. Assignment creation and distribution is accomplished through Google Drive while Gmail is used to provide classroom communication. Students can be invited to classrooms through the institution’s database, through a private code that can then be added in the student interface or automatically imported from a School Information Management System.


Google Classroom integrates with students and teachers Google Calendar. Each class created with Google Classroom creates a separate folder in the respective Google product where the student can submit work to be graded by a teacher. Communication through Gmail allows teachers to make announcements and ask questions to their students in each of their classes.


Google Classroom will not show any ads in its interface for students, faculty, and teachers. Teachers can add students directly from the Google Apps directory or can provide a code that can be entered for access to the class by students.