DT & Engineering Blog: History of Aircraft Carrier Aviation and the construction of HMS Queen Elizabeth



This dramatic video demonstrates how the different blocks of the new Aircraft Carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, were shipped from various parts of the UK and then put together in Rosyth.

It gives you an insight on how precisely made each block had to be and the enormous effort that went it making sure they fit together and amazing engineering that went into this feat.

The video also gives you a history of British aircraft carriers throughout history and the original concept behind them ranging from the original flying of a bi plane from the deck of an adapted Battleship by Lt Charles Samson on the 10th January 1912 and the first aircraft carrier to be built in 1918 (HMS Argus) to the carrier today.

This video was shown to Her Majesty The Queen and other guests at the HMS Queen Elizabeth naming ceremony on the 4th July 2014.