DT & Engineering Blog: STEM Teaching: Using 3D Printers for Your STEM Program


There’s so much about technology that’s changed over the last few years: We can now hold a phone in the palm of our hand, connect with people around the world, and share videos with complete strangers. And those changes have trickled down to nearly every electronic that we rely on, including printers. What used to be flat prints on plain paper and done in black and white are now dynamic and dimensional, thanks to the use of 3-D printers.

3-D printers are just that—printers that are able to print real-life looking things. What’s most interesting about 3-D printing is that it’s begun to filter into manufacturing, with uses in airplane parts and prosthetic limbs, to name just two. And more and more teachers are making use of 3-D printers in classrooms, particularly as they teach science, technology, engineering, and math. How can 3-D printers help today’s students? This graphic explains it.

How 3D printers are moving classrooms

How 3D printers are moving classrooms