DT & Engineering Blog: Axon Flex 2 HD Body Camera


Axon Flex 2 from Axon on Vimeo.

The Axon Flex 2 is a camera system incorporating an audio and video recording device. This camera is designed for use in tough environmental conditions encountered in law enforcement, corrections, military, and security activities. The Axon Flex 2 camera is designed to record events for secure storage,
retrieval, and analysis via Evidence.com services. The recorded events are transferred to your storage solution via the Axon Dock, or by using Evidence Sync software installed on a Windows computer.

The Axon Flex 2 camera has 2 operating modes designed to accommodate the needs of law enforcement, corrections, security, and the military. The default mode, or BUFFERING mode, provides pre-event buffering to capture activities that occur prior to the user activating the EVENT mode. In addition, the Axon View application enables playback of footage on a smart device for review prior to storing the data.

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