End of my 3rd year of teaching… Looking forward to the 4th year!


My third year of teaching (2017-2018) has, despite it’s ups and downs, been an awesome year with lots of experience gained and new techniques learnt.

My 3rd year consisted of a mixture of long term specialist supply teaching at 2 schools in York and Wetherby and the rest of the time was spent undertaking daily cover supply teaching in various schools around Leeds, Bradford, Pontefract, Castleford, York and Harrogate.

Awesome time at both York High School and at Boston Spa Academy.

The experiences of a supply teacher is always different to a permanent member of the teaching staff. However I managed to build up good relationships with my students.

I created engaging and exciting lessons for my students, which helped foster the students passion for Design Technology.

I made myself available after school for students to catch up on their GCSE and A Level coursework.