DT & Engineering Blog: Jorvik Tricycles FAT TYRE / TIRE Mountain Trike (Odin)


The Odin Electric Mountain Trike with its fat tyres and front suspension gives you the confidence to conquer mud, sand, or snow with ease.

Pedal without breaking a sweat for up to 31 miles with the help of a powerful 250W motor. Or go faster for longer with the monstrous 500W motor, for the ultimate adrenaline-fuelled experience on private land like farms or estates.

The Odin also boasts a unique rear differential for stability in the corners, and ample storage to transport heavy-duty tools with ease.

Designed with zero compromises, front and rear disk brakes and high-end Tektro brake levers make stopping feel equally effortless. Complete with an LCD display and 5-speed settings so you’re always in control.