DT & Engineering Blog: Plenary Thought Triangle


Template for a quick plenary which asks pupils to draw the thought triangle and populate it with certain categorised information based on what they have seen, done, heard and what they would like to know now. Great for assessing pupil progress and to show independent learning and introspection. Files include original PowerPoint file, PDF file and a JPEG file excellent for posters and inserting into your own PowerPoint presentations.

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Plenary Thought Triangle-page-001

DT & Engineering Resources: The Importance of Design & Technology and Engineering in the Lifelong Learning Sector


The Importance of Design & Technology and Engineering in the Lifelong Learning Sector. Subject Areas covered: Design and Technology, Product Design, Engineering, 3D Crafts, Art and Design.

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Engineering Resources: Engineering – An Introduction


Aims & Objectives:

  • Students to investigate the meaning of the word engineering
  • Students to analyse the different job types within engineering
  • Students to evaluate an area of engineering – turbine/energy engineering in the form of a mini project

Engineering 1Engineering 2Engineering 3Engineering 4Engineering 5Engineering 6Engineering 7Engineering 8Engineering 9

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Engineering – an introduction

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Engineering Resources: Electrical and Magnetic Properties


Aims and Objectives:

  1. šFor learners to understand the other types of material properties other the physical properties.
  2. šFor learners to know about the thermal, electrical and magnetic properties of materials.
  3. šFor learners to be able to identify the thermal, electrical and magnetic properties of a given material
  4. šFor learners to know the effects of processing metals in particular recrystallization.


Electrical and magnetic properties (BTEC L3 Eng.)-page-001Electrical and magnetic properties (BTEC L3 Eng.)-page-002Electrical and magnetic properties (BTEC L3 Eng.)-page-003Electrical and magnetic properties (BTEC L3 Eng.)-page-004Electrical and magnetic properties (BTEC L3 Eng.)-page-005Electrical and magnetic properties (BTEC L3 Eng.)-page-006Electrical and magnetic properties (BTEC L3 Eng.)-page-007Electrical and magnetic properties (BTEC L3 Eng.)-page-008Electrical and magnetic properties (BTEC L3 Eng.)-page-009

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