DT & Engineering Blog: Behaviour Management – Working with Parents


Here are some tips on how to work collaboratively with parents who don’t consider that their child’s behaviour is problematic in school:

  • clarify the school’s expectations that should be set out in the home/school agreement
  • develop positive relationships with the parents
  • explain that the school seeks to work in partnership with parents
  • let them know when their child has behaved well
  • let parents know that their views are valued
  • keep a reasonably detailed and factual record of incidents like, “Ethan left his seat, went across the classroom and hit James on the back” rather than, “Ethan disrupted the lesson and prevented others from learning”
  • seek advice on school procedures for meeting parents from your mentor.

DT & Engineering Blog: Behaviour Management – Managing student comments



Strategies in managing student comments:

  • revisit the class contract
  • be assertive when challenging the comments being made
  • remind students of what behaviours sabotage their chance of being a successful class
  • use ‘I’ statements, eg, “I need you to stop saying things like that, as I expect everyone to treat each other with respect in this class”
  • have a quiet word with the individuals involved
  • follow the school procedures for more overtly hostile, bullying or abusive comments.