Design Technology (Textiles) Resources: Product Analysis of Branded Clothing


Aims and objectives of lesson: To analyse the differences between branded clothing and non-branded clothing. To evaluate why people buy branded clothing over non-branded clothing. To identify a branded clothing and create a product analysis of the branded clothing.

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Product Analysis of Branded Clothing-page-001Product Analysis of Branded Clothing-page-002Product Analysis of Branded Clothing-page-003Product Analysis of Branded Clothing-page-004Product Analysis of Branded Clothing-page-005Product Analysis of Branded Clothing-page-006Product Analysis of Branded Clothing-page-007


DT & Engineering Blog: Why did Assessment for Learning fail? #Educationfest


Daisy Christodoulou, Head of Assesment at Ark Schools.
Assessment for learning is one of the most well-evidenced methods of improving education. Yet, after nearly two decades of intensive training and investment in its principles, educational standards in England haven’t risen. Why? Daisy Christodoulou considers some possible explanations.
Daisy Christodoulou is the Research and Development Manager at Ark Schools, where she works on new approaches to curriculum and assessment. Before that, she trained as a secondary English teacher through the Teach First programme and taught in two London comprehensives. Her book, Seven Myths about Education, was published in March 2014. She has been part of government commissions on the future of ITT and assessing without levels.

Design and Technology Resources: Marketing Your T-shirt Design (EPOS, Swing Tags, and Shop fronts)


Aims and Objectives:

  • To investigate Fashion/Textiles marketing including EPOS systems and Barcodes
  • To apply the knowledge gained from the design of your T-shirt to create a ‘Swing-Tag’ in the marketing and selling of your T-shirt
  • To investigate shop front design in relation to marketing and selling your T-shirt
  • To design and create a shop front to market and sell you T-shirt

Marketing your tshirt designs-page-001Marketing your tshirt designs-page-002Marketing your tshirt designs-page-003Marketing your tshirt designs-page-004Marketing your tshirt designs-page-005Marketing your tshirt designs-page-006Marketing your tshirt designs-page-007Marketing your tshirt designs-page-008

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Teaching & Learning Tools: Spice Time Credits -Working with and engaging parents


I recently attended a ‘working with and engaging parents’ workshop at a Teacher Seminar. I discovered what I considered to be an awesome platform to work with and engage parents with student’s learning and school life. Spice Time Credits encourages parents and guardians to be involved with various activities within the school. In turn parents and guardians would earn time credits which could go towards leisure activities such as theme parks.


Spice Time Credits

DT & Engineering Resources: The Importance of Design & Technology and Engineering in the Lifelong Learning Sector


The Importance of Design & Technology and Engineering in the Lifelong Learning Sector. Subject Areas covered: Design and Technology, Product Design, Engineering, 3D Crafts, Art and Design.

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DT & Engineering Blog: Pocket NC 5-Axis Desktop CNC Mill – An alternative to 3D printing?


We’ve seen a few three-axis CNC mills before, but not a five-axis one that’s made for desktop use. At this year’s Maker Faire, we finally got to see the Pocket NC at work, turning aluminium blocks into beautiful parts. It’s a beautiful machine!

Pocket NC Website:

5-Axis-Desktop-CNC-machine 15-Axis-Desktop-CNC-machine 25-Axis-Desktop-CNC-machine 35-Axis-Desktop-CNC-machine 45-Axis-Desktop-CNC-machine

Design Technology Resources: How to answer exam ‘evaluation’ questions


Learning Objective:

  • Students to investigate the techniques needed to answer exam ‘evaluation’ questions effectively.



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Engineering Resources: Electrical and Magnetic Properties


Aims and Objectives:

  1. šFor learners to understand the other types of material properties other the physical properties.
  2. šFor learners to know about the thermal, electrical and magnetic properties of materials.
  3. šFor learners to be able to identify the thermal, electrical and magnetic properties of a given material
  4. šFor learners to know the effects of processing metals in particular recrystallization.


Electrical and magnetic properties (BTEC L3 Eng.)-page-001Electrical and magnetic properties (BTEC L3 Eng.)-page-002Electrical and magnetic properties (BTEC L3 Eng.)-page-003Electrical and magnetic properties (BTEC L3 Eng.)-page-004Electrical and magnetic properties (BTEC L3 Eng.)-page-005Electrical and magnetic properties (BTEC L3 Eng.)-page-006Electrical and magnetic properties (BTEC L3 Eng.)-page-007Electrical and magnetic properties (BTEC L3 Eng.)-page-008Electrical and magnetic properties (BTEC L3 Eng.)-page-009

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